NEWS ALERT: Metal Casting Corrosion Meets Its Match at CastEXPO 2022

June 1, 2022

Corrosion met its match April 23rd-26th at CastEXPO 2022 in Columbus, Ohio, as Cortec® brought its VpCI® corrosion solutions to the largest North American metal casting industry event for the first time. Our expert staff included Anthony Price (Regional Sales Manager), whose knowledge of the casting process from design to pouring made it especially easy and exciting for him to connect with the foundry/casting engineers and process managers in attendance. Mike Gabor (VP Sales, Eastern North America) and Jessica Carpenter (Regional Sales Manager) were also able to share a wealth of relevant knowledge from years of solving corrosion problems in the automotive and other related industries.

Some of the common topics of discussion were de-rusting solutions and corrosion protection packaging for use inprocess and during shipment. In particular, booth visitors expressed interest in knowing how the chemistry in VpCI® Films, Papers, and Emitters displayed at the booth would work in the presence of water. Jessica explained that this is an important question for castings because they are porous and tend to have condensation corrosion problems, especially when undergoing fluctuating temperatures during shipment. Jessica explained that VpCI® helps handle this condensation problem: “When these cast parts are packaged in VpCI®, they are still going to sweat but the chemistry . . . will still provide protection against corrosion. . . .”

It was great to be able to share solutions like these with a $44 billion industry where corrosion is a real threat. We look forward to providing further answers to the problem of casting corrosion both now and in the future. Contact us today for assistance:

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