Innovative Corrosion Protection Solutions

Cortec® Corporation offers innovative VpCI® solutions for protecting raw materials and finished metal goods from rust and corrosion. Cortec’s integrated solutions are practical, efficient, and more environmentally friendly for helping protect your bottom line.

In-Process Solutions

Protecting metals from corrosion during the manufacturing process is an important step toward greater productivity and reduced costs. Cortec’s VpCI® solutions address corrosion problem areas, reduce the use of hazardous rust preventatives, and improve WIP cycle efficiency.

Storage and Shipping Solutions

Cortec® offers many innovative packaging solutions for protection of metals during the critical periods of storage and shipping. To avoid costly rust claims and returns, an array of environmentally friendly options help metals arrive at their destination corrosion free, dry, and ready to use upon unpacking.

NEWS ALERT: Getting an Edge on Steel Coil Corrosion

New steel coils offer a wide canvas for corrosion to make its mark. This is among the last problems steel coil processors want to deal with. Oiling after acid pickling is one precaution that can help. However, processors who choose dry pickling will likely have more problems during storage and shipping. Cortec’s Vapor phase Corrosion…