An Ideal Anticorrosion Packaging Solution for Large Bins of Metal Parts

July 20, 2022

Many manufacturers face the question of how to protect large bins of small metal parts from corrosion. The delays and costs of rust claims can be enormous, as can the impact on customer trust. Fortunately, Cortec® Corporation’s simple technique of interleaving CorShield® VpCI®-146 Paper in conjunction with an outer barrier of VpCI®-126 Film creates an ideal packaging solution for protecting metal parts from corrosion in-process, in storage, or in transit.

The Ease of VpCI® Packaging Technology
VpCI® Packaging Technology excels on the fact that it provides corrosion protection in both the contactand vapor phase. This means that metals in direct contact with VpCI® Paper, for example, will be protected from corrosion, as will harder-to-reach areas not directly touching the paper. This is because Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors in the paper coating diffuse throughout the enclosed space, forming a protective molecular barrier on the metals packaged within. This molecular layer evaporates on its own when the metal is taken out of the packaging—no cleaning required. VpCI® Technology allows for dry corrosion protection and eliminates the need for traditional greasy rust preventatives that are time- and labor-intensive to remove. Metal parts protected with VpCI® Packaging can be used immediately!

The Anatomy of VpCI® Paper Interleaving
VpCI® Packaging comes in many forms with many creative combinations possible. One common form of application is VpCI® Paper interleaving. At its simplest, this means placing a piece of VpCI® Paper in between layers of metal parts, whether in a bin or crate or on a pallet. Doing so serves the dual purpose of dividing layers of parts and providing an added source of VpCI® molecules among them. For best results, this unit should be wrapped inside some form of VpCI® Film to provide an exterior barrier and trap the Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors within. Almost any type of VpCI® Paper can be used for interleaving. CorShield® VpCI®-146 Paper is the most common, emitting Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors from both sides of the paper. If grease or moisture resistance is needed, EcoShield® VpCI®-144 Paper is a great option, emitting VpCI® molecules from the coating on one side and providing a recyclable moisture/grease resistant barrier on the other side. The sheets of paper can be placed on the bottom pallet or tray and in between each layer by hand or automatically to sandwich the parts (e.g., brake rotors). Often, a VpCI®-126 Bag is first used to line a bin before it is filled with layers of parts interleaved with VpCI® Paper. Finally, the bag is closed to keep the protective VpCI® molecules inside. Other times, Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film can be applied as the final step in the packaging process, using automated equipment to wrap the outside of an interleaved pallet.

When to Use VpCI® Paper Interleaving
There are two key times to use VpCI® Paper interleaving: in storage or shipment. The first occasion is often in-process, when metal components frequently need to sit in temporary storage as they await the next stage of production. During this time, they can be especially susceptible to rust, which could interrupt the production process completely as the assembly line is forced to stop and wait for the rust to be cleaned off. Another critical time is during shipment when pallets or containers pass through unpredictable environments. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity during overland transport, not to mention extreme environments for export shipping, can lead to corrosion in transit. This is an even more critical time to avoid corrosion because of rust claims, rework, and potential damage to the manufacturer-customer relationship.

An Ideal Combination for Shipping or Storing Large Bins of Parts
Using a comprehensive packaging solution like those mentioned above is one excellent solution to corrosion in both shipping or storage conditions. Together, VpCI® Film and Paper make an ideal combination of internal and external corrosion protection for large units of small parts. Contact Cortec® today to learn more about this and other VpCI® packaging strategies:

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