VpCI®-418 Heavy-Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser

Product Description

VpCI®-418 is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner/degreaser for cleaning industrial, oil field, commercial and marine equipment. VpCI®-418 is designed for use in power washing machinery, high agitation parts washers and high-pressure spray washers. VpCI®-418 is non-flammable, nitrite-free, non-toxic and does not present disposal problems associated with most phosphate cleaners. VpCI®-418 contains inhibitors to protect metal parts from corrosion after cleaning. It has a unique ability to remove difficult deposits such as heavy hydrocarbons, grease, drawing and buffing compounds, and mill and machinery oils.

Package: 5 lbs. (2.3 kg), 50 lbs. (23 kg),100 lbs. (45 kg), totes and bulk.

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