CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #657: Steel Coil Rust Preventative for Electrostatic Oiler

In order to reduce material use and cost, a steel coil processor wanted to start using an electrostatic oiler to apply a rust preventative post-pickling and before recoiling. Many products are incompatible with the oiler’s electrostatic charge, so the customer began searching for one that would work. VpCI®-325 was found to be compatible, and the coil processor began applying it for corrosion protection. This was an excellent option, as the same product had been found to outperform a well-known rust preventative in the coil industry by three times in humidity testing a few years earlier. The product displaces water and creates a tenacious corrosion inhibiting film that clings to metal surfaces and is regularly used in the steel coil industry.

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