Case History Spotlight #657: Rust Preventative for Electrostatic Oiler

rust preventativeA coil processor wanted to start using an electrostatic oiler after acid pickling in order to reduce the amount of oil used and cut costs. The challenge was to find a rust preventative that was compatible with the electrostatic charge, since many products cannot be applied in this way. The processor worked with the electrostatic oiler manufacturer to test several Cortec® products, found that VpCI®-325 was compatible, and began applying it to steel coils. The product had already shown good corrosion protection performance several years before when tested against a common coil industry rust preventative and has been regularly used in the steel processing industry for many years since. It is partially vegetable-oil based, displaces water, and is an excellent solution for processors that need to apply long-term (e.g., two-year) protection using an electrostatic oiler.

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